Sick of Mamby Pamby Therapists?  I’ll keep it real and change your life.

I began studying human behaviour and motivation 30 years ago, in an effort to understand and assist in the way people perceived and responded to pain. I wanted to alleviate the intensity while still honouring the event.  I became a trainer in the Workplace to assist people to become the best version of themselves which would in turn increase productivity and moral and improve the profit margins. From there my interest took a deviation in Quantum Physics and The Human Energy Field. I studied Psychology and Counselling in the time and became certified in Reiki, Regression and Intuitive Counselling.

I believe with the right Facilitator you can change your life permanently.

I have personally assisted many clients with illness, phobias and general wellbeing during our Sessions. Helping people achieve this state through Energy work and simply holding space with with them is a blessing I cherish.  My intuitive healing gifts will nudge your Soul into action to create balance, harmony and greater awareness of you as a person. Do this for yourself.

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